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Tips for Studying in Junior High School

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Many questions arise when we talk about learning tips, including why we have to do activities, why do we have to go to school, which in the end will arise the question of what are his goals and what is their future is.

The way we know about all kinds of things is by trying to frequently ask people around us who are more experienced, for example: parents, teachers, siblings, friends.

When we go to school we have to know what the goals are. Often this question arises, and many of us always answer in order to increase knowledge. School, it is compulsory for us to appear our curiosity as an opening the door so that we increase in knowledge.

More precisely, the benefit or purpose of our school is to foster a sense of responsibility with what we have. For example, maintaining our physique by exercising at school or at home. We could do archery, basketball, swimming, football activities. The way we sharpen our brains is by reading a lot in order to increase their knowledge. Using internet technology properly so that it can compare information at home and abroad.

Doing daily activities is very beneficial for us and those around us. Beginning with activities by asking, practicing and carrying out so that the results will be seen and the benefits can be felt for us personally and for others. Important points in carrying out activities must be an intention so that satisfaction appears from oneself.

How to cultivate our hearts in learning. The first is the intention when studying school supplies to prepare a place for learning activities to be comfortable. Second, make sure we love the learning process in order to build a sense of liking, starting with habituation, the process of liking, being patient with what is there because learning can actually be learned.

How to build our mood in learning by avoiding things that make us stop learning, for example: avoiding anger, laziness, emotions, dislike of moving. Build a positive climate for yourself by gathering with friends so that we can support our learning process.

Learn how to learn by creating comfortable situations to support us in learning to understand how the learning process and the final evaluation must be carried out. In the learning process we are required to understand and solve problems so that later we can run the life process.

The end of the sentence of the learning process is to introduce life to us so that we can enjoy it by being grateful, a sense of liking to learn, understanding, and showing love for something arises. There is always hope when we grow up, if there is a problem, don’t run away but must be faced.

Written by Raden Hilmi Muhammad Faiq Al Jauhary 7A Class, at the event Achievement Motivation Training (AMT) SMPIT Abu Bakar Fullday School.

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